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Carding Dorks

Download Latest Biggest Carding Dorks List [Updated 2018]

Carding Dorks are similar to Google Dorks which help us to exploit vulnerabilities in a website to expose banking/credit card details. You can use them in a similar fashion as Google dorks. Carding dorks...
Movavi Screen Capture Studio Review

A Brief Movavi Screen Capture Studio Review 2018

Movavi Screen Capture Studio Review - Screen recording becomes a trend as YouTubers start recording tutorials, games and live streams. These recordings give them enough data to upload which in return makes enough profit...
Fake ID For Facebook

Create Fake ID For Facebook To Unlock Your Locked FB Account

Fake ID For Facebook - Facebook is taking measures to improve security for users. One such measure is disabling accounts. The reason Facebook disable any account is as follows.Using a fake name, identity,...
How To Crash WhatsApp

How To Crash WhatsApp 2018 | Crash Your Friend’s WhatsApp Account

How To Crash WhatsApp - WhatsApp is the best and biggest same platform free messaging application for both mobile users. Recently Facebook bought WhatsApp for almost 19 billion USD. They also added cool features...
MSVCP110.DLL is Missing

MSVCP110.DLL is Missing From Your Computer [SOLVED]

MSVCP110.DLL is Missing - Windows is the most used operating system across the globe which makes windows vulnerable to viruses, malware, errors and all kinds of threats. In this article, we are going to...