Latest Google Dorks List (SQL Dorks) List For SQL Injections 2018

Google Dorks List

Google Dorks List also is known as SQL Dorks are search terms used to find information which is not available for general public view. These dorks return you with unprotected data of users. An expert can attain user login, word press login, subscriber lists, and in some cases banking details of users of a website.

Google Dorks List or SQL dorks have refined search terms in which an attacker narrow down search results to a particular website. Then he further narrows down the search term by asking a search engine to search for a particular type of file. He can further explain a word in the file he is looking for or a vulnerability by telling a search engine to search for these words in a title or in text for a specific type of file in a website.

Understanding Google Dorks List SQLi To Write your Own Google Dorks List For a Specific Site

For writing your own Google SQL Dorks you have to know how to use search engines and how website database works. After that, you can develop search terms by following below-mentioned tips.

  1. At first stage, you have to pick your target website. Then you use search term Site: to narrow down search results to your target website.
  2. You can then narrow down the search results by looking for right kind of documents on a website. You can look for PDF or XLS file. The search term for this would be “Site: Filetype: PDF”.
  3. Now you can search for specific words in search terms by adding a title for finding words in the title of a website or intext for find those words in the text body of the documents. The search term might look like “Site: Filetype:PDF intitle:”hello dolly”.


So you now knew how you can write your own Google Dorks List (SQL Dorks) for SQL injections. In this article, I am also providing the biggest list of SQL Dorks (Google Dorks List) ever. You can download this list from below link.

Download The Biggest Google Dorks List For SQLi

Use this list to find vulnerabilities so you can extract precious data from the database of a website. I myself used this data to make a huge email list for my newsletter. You can use this list to access subscriber email list, login credentials of a user account on a website, banking details of users, and many more things.

This is by far the biggest list of SQL Or Google Dorks List available for free to download with just one click. The list consists of nearly 7500 Google Dorks which are totally unique. I will update this list time to time by adding a unique SQL/Google dorks List to this list. Make sure you use them in the best manner to find your own website vulnerabilities before any other person and fix them.

Note: Hacking database with Google Dorks List is an illegal act. You can also end up in jail for using this database with wrong intentions. I share this information only to help people find and solve vulnerabilities of their own websites.


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