How To Format Pendrive Using CMD in Windows 7 in NTFS [FIX]

How To Format Pendrive Using CMD

How To Format Pendrive Using CMD – Formatting storage disk can save time, effort and solve a lot of problems. But I faced an issue with formatting my pen drive Aka USB. First I tried several times to format my USB from property menu but ends up in vein as error occurs during this process. Several times my PC does not even recognize pen drive. I search and search and came up with a simple solution to format pen drive with help of command prompt (CMD) 

Formatting a USB with CMD is a simple process but care is required to safely complete the process. Otherwise you can end up with a completely useless pendrive.

Step By Step Guide To Format Pendrive Using CMD

Note: In this article, FAT32 format is used to format USB. You can also just change the FAT32 to NTFS to format your pendrive as NTFS.

Follow below mentioned steps to format Pendrive with help of Command prompt.

  1. Turn on your PC and plug pendrive in USB port.
  2. Open my computer Find Pendrive name or label and letter associated with your USB device. Remember or write down letter associated with your USB before proceeding to next step.
  3. Click Windows+R to open search box. Type CMD and hit enter. Command prompt box will appear in front of you.
  4. Now Type Format X: and hit enter to format your pendrive. I assumed that my pendrive is “X”. You have to replace this with letter associated with your pendrive.
  5. You can further define the formatting style by adding Format X: /FS: FAT32 to format your USB as FAT32. You can also format your pendrive as NTFS by typing Format X: /FS: NTFS.
  6. You have to press enter and command prompt will ask you the letter associated with your pendrive for one more time. Follow these prompts to successfully format your pendrive using CMD.

Manually open your pendrive before unplugging it from your computer. Make sure that USB is now formatted and in working condition.

How To Format Pendrive Using CMD in Windows 7 in NTFS [FIX]

Note: Make sure that you enter the write letter otherwise you can end up formatting useful data from other drives on your PC.

How To Format Pendrive Using CMD in Windows 7 in NTFS [FIX]

This simple and easy commands saves me from a huge headache of errors and unrecognized USB devices. It works with almost every pendrive and other forms of data storage devices. You just have to pick the right letter associated with your drive and choose the right format to format your external hard disks, USB or any external storage plugin device. I hope this article proves to be a helpful one. Comment if you knew any other method to format pendrives with ease.

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