How They Hack Credit Card Password and how to Protect Against Them

Hack Credit Card Password

In this article, I am going to explain how hackers are hack credit card and debit card password. I will further explain how to protect yourself from credit and debit card theft. Most people believed that SSL protection will protect their banking information during transactions but a hacker can hack data packets using sniffers. They can also perform session hijack to gain access to your credit card information.

How Hacker Exploit SSL

Hackers exploit SSL vulnerability known as SSL MITM. They used this exploit to gain access to your sensitive banking details.

Note: Hacking credit/debit card is illegal in almost all parts of the world. This is also a punishable offense. I am sharing this only for educational purpose. Please don’t try this at home/office.

An Ideal Situation for Credit Card Hacking

Hackers can hack your data easily in following cases.

  1. Using a public or unsecured WiFi connection for online shopping.
  2. Using WiFi router protected with weak passwords or protected with WEP encryption method.

Hackers can easily break that encryption to connect to same WiFi as you. After that, they redirect your data and sniff it to extract information. This type of session hijacking is called a man in middle session hijacking.

How is credit Card Hacking done? Step By Step Guide to Hack Credit/Debit Card

Hacker follows below-mentioned steps to hack credit card information.

  1. Using Fragrouter penetration testing tool hacker perform IP forwarding.
  2. Using Arpspoof he determines your default getwar and Ip address. Then he enables himself to be the man in the middle to redirect your traffic via his computer.
  3. Enabling DNS spoofing with help of DNSSpoof.
  4. Fake SSL during web sessions with help of webmitm.
  5. Using Ethereal or any other data sniffing tool to sniff data packets.
  6. Decrypting collected data with help of SSL Dump.
  7. He can now view the decrypted data for your bank username and bank password.

I left the details because many readers will use this information to harm others. With extracted information, hackers can buy anything using online shopping sites with your credit card.

 How You Can Prevent Credit Card Hacking

  1. Viewing SSL certificate closely and clicking “No” will prevent this from happening.
  2. Banking Corporation must educate end users about right and wrong SSL certificates. You can also view a clear difference between the real and fake one if you are a regular online banking user.
  3. Calling your bank or online store will prevent credit card hacking.
  4. Don’t click “Yes” on any security message before through reading.

A further corporation can use disposable passwords or tokens for transactions to avoid credit card theft. It is also the responsibility of corporations to educate people about security measures for online transactions.

How They Hack Credit Card Password and how to Protect Against Them

I hope now you know how credit card hacking is done and how you can protect yourself from being robbed by credit card hackers. Thanks for your time subscribe to a newsletter for latest updates.


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