The Justin Bieber Guide To Download Android Hacking Tools 2018

Android Hacking Tools

I compiled the best Android Hacking Tools list after trails and testing each application. Factors like a number of downloads, reviews, and raking on Google Play Store also plays an important role in compiling this list of Android hacking applications.  You can install and use these applications on rooted and non-rooted Android devices.

Here Are 10 best Android Hacking Tools.


AndroRAT stands for android remote administration tools. This application helps you to remotely control system and fetching useful information from your device. This application works on Server/Client connection and tasks performed within them. You can also use this application to control other devices. You can download AndroRAT by clicking here.  <a style=”opacity: 0.0″; href=””>Tamilrasigan</a>


Hackode is a collection of useful tools for penetration testing, ethical hackers, and IT experts. This is totally free for Android users to download. You can perform various tasks like whois lookup, DNS lookup, SQL injections, scanning and many more similar tasks. You can download Hackode from Google play store. 


ZANTI offers a complete set of tools for penetration testers. You can scan a network for exploits and test malicious techniques by stimulating advance hacking techniques with ZANTI. You can sniff website browsed along with cookies on your network and can perform difficult tasks like MITM and DOS and many more. You can download zANTI by clicking here.


cSpoilt claimed to be the best toolkit for network security on Android devices. It can perform difficult tasks like cracking passwords of Wi-Fi, installing backdoors for further use and finding vulnerabilities. You can download cSploit APK by clicking here.


FaceNiff allows you to steal cookies of your Wi-Fi network by sniffing. You can further use these cookies to use social media accounts of users on your Wi-Fi network. It is simple and easy to use and surely one of the most enjoyable android hacking application. You can download APK of FaceNiff by clicking here


Driodsheep is another android hacking application which allows you to sniff data packets and perform session hijacking. You can also use Driodsheep guard to see if someone is using Driodsheep, Faceniff or any other session hijacking application or tool. You can download Driodsheep by clicking here

APKInspector allows you to analyze, and change the source code of an application to get rid of licensing, ads and in-app purchases. This app enables you to reverse engineer any android application. You can download this from Here.


Nmap is a must use android application for newbie android hackers. You can use this app on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices. You can download Nmap by clicking here.

USB Cleaver

This application will help you to steal data from a connected Windows computer. You can hack wifi password, passwords saved in a browser and many more things using USB Cleaver.


Now you can find vulnerabilities to steal user data from websites by SQL injection with help of Driodsqli android application. This android hacking application is one of the most unique of its kind.

WPA WPS Tester

WPA WPS Tester application enables you to connect to vulnerable Wi-Fi networks with just one click. You can connect to any Wi-Fi network with a green button in front of it by giving password provided by WPA WPS tester application.

I hope these 11 android Hacking Tools will help you in near future. Also, share your favorite Android hacking app by commenting on this post.


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