Best Cydia Apps To Hack WiFi Password 2018 [Cydia WiFi Hack]

Cydia WiFi Hack

Cydia WiFi Hack – Cydia is an alternative application store for Apple app store for jailbreak devices. Cydia offers tons of applications to tweak and play with apple hidden features, configurations and everything apple store thinks is illegal or unethical. 

Best Cydia Apps To Hack WiFi Password 2018 | Cydia WiFi Hack

Cydia also helps iOS users to hack WiFi passwords by using any useful apps. You just have to jailbreak your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch) to hack WEP and WPA encrypted WiFi networks using WiFi hacking Cydia Apps.

Jailbreaking! What is it?

Liberating apple products to from limitations for accessing additional features is called jailbreaking. You can use apps which were turned down by Apple for various reasons. You can download these applications from Cydia and Icy.

You must have two things to download WiFi hacking apps on your iOS gadget.


  1. Jailbroken iOS device.
  2. Cydia app store downloaded on your device.

Now you can proceed to download best Cydia apps for WiFi hacking

IWep Pro App

IWep Pro applications are one of the best Cydia WiFi Hack Application till now. You can use this app to hack WEP key (password) of WEP protected WiFi networks. You can also break WAP passwords by downloading dictionary and using a dictionary attack to get the password to WiFi networks around you. Time taken to break any password is directly proportional to the strength of the password. IWep pro will tell you which networks are breakable and which are not to save you from a headache.


iSpeedTouched is one of the most downloaded WiFi hacking application available on Cydia. This app helps you to hack WEP and WPA protected wireless networks. The iSpeedTouched application is user-friendly. It also takes less time to acquire password of WiFi compared to other applications on Cydia. You can also download iSpeedTouched from vShare and AppCake.

WPA Tester

WPA Tester is one of the most famous WiFi hacking application for iOS and Android devices. You can download WPA Tester on your iOS without jailbreak. But you have to pay £1.49 or you can download it for free on your jailbreak iOS gadget from Cydia. WPA Tester is basically designed to test the vulnerability of your WiFi network. You can also find these vulnerabilities in other WiFi networks. After finding vulnerabilities you can use them to hack WiFi.

iWPA Finder APP

In Europe, the biggest router manufacturers are Alice, ISPs, and Fastweb. iWPA Finder APP is designed to find vulnerabilities in their encryption methods better than other application available on Cydia. So you can jailbreak your iOS device and download iWAP Finder application from Cydia to find passwords of WiFi networks all across Europe.

SpeedSSID And fwssid

SpeedSSID only works with Thomson and SpeedTouch based routers. You can also Use a fwssid application to hack passwords of Fastweb routers. You can directly hack passwords using these applications and can also use them on other devices.


You can use dlssid to hack passwords and keys of Dlink routers. The application is easy to use and somewhat similar to Speedssid and fwssid.

Best Cydia Apps To Hack WiFi Password 2018 [Cydia WiFi Hack]

Note: I shared this information only for educational purpose. Don’t use it to perform illegal tasks.

I hope above mentioned best Cydia WiFi hack apps will help you to use free unlimited WiFi. Don’t forget to share your best Cydia application to hack WiFi networks in comments with other users. 



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